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EAP moves Psychotherapy from talking to doing, from an office to the outdoors, from passive to active, from redundant to transformative.


I've noticed there's a different feeling or awareness I get on the SF streets when I walk around.  Meaning I look up more and look farther out rather than walking with my eyes on the ground as much.


Equine Assisted Psychotherapy


Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) offers an alternative treatment option that is more active and engaging than traditional talk therapy. Clients learn about themselves by participating in specifically designed activities with horses and then processing feelings, behaviors and patterns as they emerge. In addition, EAP utilizes metaphors, both in discussion and activity, as an effective therapeutic technique.

Because horses are social animals, they have the capacity to mirror exactly what human body language is revealing. This makes them active facilitators, evoking emotions in those who work with and around them and providing great opportunity for self discovery.

Who Benefits
EAP is effective for the treatment of clients with emotional, behavioral, social, mental, physical and or spiritual needs. EAP is appropriate for Individuals (age 9+), Couples, Families, as well as Professionals seeking coaching opportunities.

Additional Benefits
• Highly effective when traditional talk therapy is not effective or appropriate
• Moves beyond self reporting & allows for direct observation of real-time behaviors, responses and patterns
• Provides visceral, tactile understanding, beyond intellectual awareness
• Offers opportunities to identify patterns and re-examine their usefulness
• Non-threatening environment to try out new behaviors and receive instant feedback
• Participants see immediate results and "aha's" from their first session

Addresses a Variety of Mental Health & Human Development Needs
Behavioral issues
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity
Substance Abuse
Eating Disorders
Abuse issues
Relationship problems

What to Expect During a Session
• Occurs at the barn and involves interaction with a horse
• All activities take place on the ground, no riding involved
• Provides opportunity to try out new behaviors and get feedback from an unbiased source: the horse

At Gallop Ventures, we believe that mental health is about developing personal strength, acquiring competence and confidence, taking responsibility and fostering our spiritual well being so that we can become mature and resourceful adults capable of maximizing our potential and creating healthy partnerships with others.

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