It’s very transformative work. We’ve had people come out who were skeptical and don’t know what to expect, who have an experience that is an “aha” moment for them.


I love the workshops. I’ve been attending now for 2 months and the improvements to my self esteem and sense of direction are amazing.

About Us



Gallop Ventures Team


Gallop Ventures was created in 2010 by three people with very different backgrounds, upbringings and perspectives on life. Through horses, we found our common goal: connecting people - with nature, horses, and one's inner source of power and strength. Our collective vision is to catalyze that connection for every person we meet and in doing so, create millions of points of light for a more connected and caring world.

To be most effective in acheiving our goal, we don't limit ourselves to a defined audience, a specific program, or a particular barn or region. We go where we are called to go...both literally and figuratively. Whether it's a "leadership" program, a "mindfulness" program, or a "mother-daughter" program, it doesn't matter because the core of what we do is connecting each person with their best self and thereby connecting them with everyone and everything.

Wendy Millet combines a Harvard degree and 20 years of experience in conservation, ranching, and outdoor education programs. She has served in leadership roles for nonprofit and for-profit organizations including TomKat Ranch, The Nature Conservancy, Stanford University's Woods Institute for the Environment, California Council of Land Trusts, and Personal Ponies LLC. She is a former ice hockey player as well as an avid horsewoman whose horse career includes huntseat, polo, dressage, and ranch manager in Wyoming, Montana and California.

Brian Damkroger, PhD, brings to Gallop Ventures a technical perspective from 20 years experience in government, corporate, and academic R&D organizations. He has served in leadership roles ranging from teaching undergraduate engineering courses to directing a $150M, 600 person portfolio of defense-related R&D efforts. After "taking every traditional leadership program in corporate America”, a quiet, gentle Tennessee Walking Horse named Jake taught him true leadership and how to find his voice. Dr. Damkroger now helps Gallop Ventures develop and conduct programs to bring these and other applications of Equine-guided education to the workplace.

Amy Hublou, LMFT, has practiced as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 15 years and holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. As an Employee Assistance Consultant at Wells Fargo for the past 10 years, she provides counseling on both work and personal issues and collaborates with management and Human Resources in assessing and managing a range of workplace issues. Since becoming certified through EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association) in 2003, Amy has provided Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, leadership and teambuilding activities for individuals, groups and organizations.

Our Partner - The Flag Foundation
We have a unique partnership with The Flag Foundation for Horse/Human Partnership to develop and share this work and link horses and people throughout the world. Kimberly Carlisle, founder and director of The Flag Foundation, is also a Gallop Ventures facilitator. For more information, go to or click on a short video "Changing a Life". link

Our Advisors -

Whitney Hischier, Faculty Director for the Center for Executive Education, Haas School of Business. Whitney's role includes co-developing programs with clients, coaching clients on maximizing the impact of their learning and development programs, and teaching management and consulting courses. Prior to Haas, Whitney was a consultant for Deloitte San Francisco, KPMG London and ABN Amro Bank in Amsterdam. She is an avid dressage rider with her horse Larke.

Dr. Paul Marcille, Professor and Program Director at Palo Alto University and Pacific Graduate School of Psychology. Dr. Marcille is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 25 years experience in higher education. He is currently Director of Undergraduate Studies at Palo Alto University/the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology. In his clinical practice, Dr. Marcille works with adolescents and adults helping them to achieve educational, professional and personal succes.

Gari Merendino, Executive Director of The National Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy (NCEFT). Before NCEFT, Gari spent over 30 years in retail and manufacturing logistics management. Gari has been an avid horseperson for years. In addition to his love of horses, he is a sculptor and painter.

Brenda Rogers, Consultant for Organizational Effectiveness and Talent Strategies at HR Strategies. Brenda has 20+ years experience working with Fortune 100 companies in organizational effectiveness and talent strategies where development of human capital is a key strategic advantage. Brenda is past president and current VP of professional development and marketing for the Bay Area HR Executives Council.

Wendy York-Fess, Assistant Dean and the Executive Director of CIRCLE (supporting faculty research and curriculum development) at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Wendy combines a Stanford undergraduate degree, Harvard MBA and 20 years of front line business experience with her passion to create high performance teams. She has started and/or led four early stage companies, was a partner in a private venture equity investment firm, has done extensive volunteer work in her local school district and serves on the Board of Directors for CorStone.

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