Horse’s lessons to teach are about ourselves and about the group. The exercises are all about teaching you lessons about yourself.


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Febuary 2016

Finding Help from A Horse

"People were going through transitions and big relationships, and when you are working with horses, the horses mirror back what's true."

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December 2015

First Nations' Futures Institute offers leadership training with horses.

A visit with the horses of Gallop Ventures is part of a two-week program at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment that supports young indigenous leaders in developing values-based skills to tackle environmental, economic, social and cultural challenges in their communities.

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October 2013

CONNECTIONS between Land, Animals, People is Transformative

Gallop Ventures is inspired by the belief that when people connect with themselves and others (both people and horses), they, in turn, may be inspired to contribute to a more connected and caring world.

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July 2011
HORSE SENSE: What horses can teach us about interacting with people

Twenty people watch as an 11-year old girl names Shreya confidentaly puts a harness on a white, speckled horse - backwards. Standing beside her, Shreya's mother struggles again the urge to correct her daughter's mistake.
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June 2011

Kimberly Carlisle, a Gallop Ventures' facilitator and partner at The Flag Foundation, spoke with Congressional candidate Norman Solomon on his talk show, "Making a DIfference in Marin" about the horse/human partnership and its evolution and value.

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October 2010
Gallop Ventures participates in program hosted by EquiSense at Stanford

Among the world's most respected and in-demand, Stanford doctors and medical students are learning a new technique to better communicate with patients, and, they're heading to the horse stables to do it. channel news special report video-

October 2008

HORSE SENSE: Equine exercise helps women clarify goals
One by one, we enter the corral and quietly approach the horses. A gray gelding named Stormy walks up like a party host greeting me at the door, sniffing my hands and pockets in lieu of a hug. Della, a young bay, enthusiastically checks out all seven of us one by one as if eager to make new friends, while Cheyenne, a paint, stands on the sidelines, the cool guy who knows he can get attention without trying.
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Dr. Oz reveals some of the hottest alternative medicine remedies
More and more Americans are harnessing the powers of alternative medicine to heal their bodies and minds - and, it's working.
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