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Tthe horses can make us aware of the qualities that we have to bring to become a leader and to be effective.


Working with the horses provides an opportunity for participants to reflect not only how they’re interacting and engaging with the horses, but how they’re interacting and engaging with the people they work with.


Our personal development programs expand awareness of one's natural strengths, create congruence between body, mind and spirit, and facilitate communication skills to enhance relationships with self and others.

Breaththroughs Happen!
Life is busy, sometimes just plain hectic! We are the masters of multitasking, instant communication and overscheduling and it is easy to end up feeing tired, overwhelmed and disconnected from family, friends and work. Gallop Ventures offers a fun and engaging way to reboot your system.  No, not your Mac system…your YOU system!

Come join us to find some quiet space, commune with nature, play with horses, and learn a thing or two about yourself in the process. Our Personal Development Programs feature:

Programs include:



Learning & Personal Development
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