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After our company worked with the Gallop Ventures group, we returned to work the following week with a renewed sense of excitement about our jobs, our co-workers and the infinite power we found.


Gallop Ventures clients have included groups and individual participants from organizations including: Hewlett Packard, The Nature Conservancy, Kaiser-Permanente, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, University of California’s Haas School of Business, Source Interlink Media, St. Charles Consulting, Red Ember, Strategic Energy Innovations, and many more.


Corporate & Professional Development


Empowering Leaders, Inspiring Teams

Let's face it, for most of us, work is busy and getting busier by the minute. No sooner do we get through one crunch than we find ourselves in another. With instant communication and never-ending firehoses of information, there's little or no time to think, much less take the time to engage our colleagues. Even when co-workers are only a few doors down the hall, we communicate via text and email, with little or no true interaction. Finding any kind of connection can be challenging.

Gallop Ventures programs are a fun way for colleagues, work groups, and teams to come together and share a unique experience. By eliminating the walls that define and bound us at work - both figuratively and literally - spending a day with the horses and each other can accomplish what no amount of traditional teambuilding and leadership training can. A Gallop Ventures program will create true, enduring bonds, build rapport and trust, and improve teamwork and communication, as well as strengthening individual skills.

Still skeptical? Look at it this way; the worst that can happen is that you'll spend a day outside in the sun, laughing together, playing with the horses, and stepping in...well, you get the idea. We tend to think that no matter how hard you resist, you'll end up learning a few things about horses, yourselves, and each other. And as much as you'll hate to admit it, simply sharing a unique, fun, experience will set up and improve communication channels, enhance teamwork, and improve productivity. But don't take our word for it, experience it for yourself.

Gallop Ventures Leadership and Teambuilding programs are built around games you and your team will play with horses. To succeed, you'll find and develop skills to:

Our goal is to create powerful leaders who care about the world and contribute to it in bold and powerful ways.

-view a sample agenda for a 2-day retreat-


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