Our customized equine programs offer a powerful learning experience.  Participants gain insights into individual performance as well as group dynamics and learn new skills to help improve workplace success.  A few of our past program topics are here:

Finding Your Leadership Stride

Ideal for Managers, Leaders or Executives, this program utilizes individual and group activities but emphasizes the individual experience including goal-setting and empowering individuals as leaders.

Team Building for Your Herd

This workshop is ideal for corporate retreats or getting your group together for a non-traditional team building activity. The goal is on creating a shared experience, though the day is rich in individual experience and learning, the focus and context is the group.

Raising Workplace Awareness

This workshop creates exercises for participants to experience the different roles of a diverse workgroup. Benefits include enhanced awareness of the strength of each individual’s contribution to the larger team success. Workshops can be tailored to building a team, creating/restoring harmony, or simply walking in each other’s shoes.

Communication for Engineers

This workshop is designed to give engineers the opportunity to expand communication and collaboration skills while working together on a problem.