Finding Your Leadership Stride

Gallop Ventures offers a range of Leadership and Team Building programs that provide new and interesting ways to learn about ourselves as individual contributors, team players and leaders within our organization. Such organizational programs are available in a half day or full day format or may also be purchased as a 4 series package.

For those who are interested in a more private and individualized curriculum, personal Coaching sessions may be scheduled. Coaching is intended to offer self-reflection and insight and is based on a client’s expressed interests, goals, and objectives. Coaching does not address mental health concerns.

Additional equine assisted learning opportunities are available through our Personal Development Groups. Such groups are often community based and appropriate for those seeking more personal enrichment. Topics vary from professional development to emotional healing to spiritual attunement.

And finally, if you have a specific topic of interest or an explicit need, Gallop is happy to customize a program just for you.