In addition to the professional development programs, other group programs may be customized for personal interest. Such workshops may occur as either a single offering or a series. A single offering group may be between 2-3 hours. A series often includes 6-10 separate sessions, each lasting for 1-1.5 hours.

All of our group activities follow the model of outdoor and experiential learning.

Women in Leadership:

Connecting with nature for inspiration and learning from horses for leadership transformation. By tuning in to the rhythms of nature, you will clear your mind, focus your senses, broaden your awareness and explore what it means for you to find balance and purpose. From the messages of the horses, we will explore group dynamics, sharpen verbal and nonverbal communication, develop confidence and trust in ourselves and others. Furthermore, the horses offer a mirror so that we are better able to identify our strengths, find creative solutions, connect with our most authentic selves. We invite you to join us for fun and discovery in a classroom like no other. Through the guided interactions between students and horses, we explore not just who we think we are, or who others think we are, we explore who we really are behind the patterns and masks of effort and learned behavior.

Breathlessness, Mindfulness and Horses:

Being present in the here and now, aware of our thoughts and feelings, mindful of our senses and reactions – how do horses teach us these gifts? Through reflections with the horses and interactive experiences, new insights will be illuminated and wisdom will be received.

Nature Meditations:

These walks provide people with tools they can use as part of their individual therapeutic process.  Each week we meet in a local nature park.  We do a nature connecting activity.  Participants spend 20-30 minutes doing the activity by themselves. Activities highlight sensory experiences and different aspects of nature, such as interconnectedness or change. We then gather and people talk about their experiences

Therapeutic Hiking:

Encourages the participant to focus on nature, to look at the little things under foot, to notice the surrounding environment and to pay attention to the journey–the many things that are missed as we walk through our normal day. Taking time to slow down, to notice and reflect on the surroundings-trees, plants, animals, rock formations and wildflowers-can be very restorative and worthwhile.  Observations and insights are translated to other life experiences to promote growth and healing.

Barn Church: 

This group enables participants to connect to Spirit through music, horses and nature. Join us for an early morning meditation in the middle of our horse pasture, while the sun rises and the horses nuzzle the top of your head. We will connect through the music we share and the messages offered through the horses. This is a personal experience.