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"I felt like I learned a great deal about myself and each one of my team. It completely surpassed expectations and really let us explore our strengths and challenges." Director, Stanford Financial Management Services



"My expectations were surpassed. The team was challenged and had to think out of the box and use creativity." Manager, Google.


"A very nice thank you for a great workshop. When we got back to work, one colleague said,“I think we need a horse here outside the office to help us resolve some of our team conflicts. What would it take to do that?”

Engineer, Sandia National Laboratories


Welcome everyone we have something exciting to share with you!

Gallop Ventures provides transformative, hands-on learning programs where individuals and teams connect with nature and learn from horses.  We'll get you outside, breathing fresh air, interacting with horses, and having fun, all the while gaining insight and a new perspective about the world - and about yourself! 

Who Participates - You! Gallop Ventures works with a range of clients including individuals and families, nonprofits and companies. We focus on increasing teamwork, developing leadership skills, improving communication, collaboration and cooperation, aiding personal growth, self-reflection and social and emotional awareness.

What Our Clients Gain - Everyone is unique and so is their experience.  Perhaps your lesson is finding a way to slow down and create balance in your life.  It may be learning that you need to build self-confidence in work or family situations and then developing those skills.  Maybe you'll learn how to improve your perception and communication skills or have more positive relationships. Your work group may use the shared experience and environment to come together and work through a tough challenge and improve morale. Or, it could be you just want to relax, do something different, have fun, and learn about horses and yourself along the way. Whatever your motivation, nature and horses are superb teachers!


Why Gallop Ventures?- First of all, the horses. People always ask why we work with horses. Horses are magnificent, proud creatures that ignite our imagination and have been our partners throughout history. They represent freedom, strength and power and yet despite their size, create in us a sense of calm and well-being.  Horses are also prey animals who have thrived for over 50 million years due to their finely honed ability to sense when anything is incongruent or out of place. They communicate through body language and have an uncanny ability to perceive intent, whether it's that of a mountain lion or a human. When we interact with them, their responses provide insights into individual and group dynamics that we might not be aware of. Horses are social animals as well, and their herd behavior is very similar to ours, be it in families, teams or workgroups.  They have a lot to teach us about communication, leadership, and working together.

Reconnect with Nature - Did you know that the average person spends in excess of nine hours a day using some type of media.  Whether its computers, phones, tablets, tv's, video games... we spend more time in front of a screen than ever and less time outside or face to face with others.  Ironically, we talk about being “connected” when we’re plugged into the virtual world, but in reality these activities disconnect us from our natural connection to the real world and each other.  Is this true for you?  If so, it might be one of the reasons you feel a lack of balance in your life.  Nature is essential for helping us restore, rejuvenate, and regain balance.  Gallop Ventures gives you a chance to get outside and unplug! 

What to Expect - Gallop Ventures is a fun and powerful method for reconnecting and empowering individuals, families, and teams through on-the-ground interactions with horses. It draws upon the innate sensibilities of horses to increase awareness and help individuals and groups explore relationships, communication, goal setting, teamwork and leadership - with the ultimate goal of catalyzing positive change and a greater sense of connection to self, others, and the world.

Participants meet at one of our equine facilities for a variety of exercises to catalyze:

What Participants Say


Past Clients - include: Google, Apple, Swisscom, Packard Foundation, University Chiropractic, Stanford Executive Education, Berkeley Executive Education, Sandia National Labs, Conservation Strategy Fund, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Bay Area HR Executives, Peninsula Open Space Trust, TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation, Launchsquad, Stanford's Center for Ocean Solutions, Junior Leage, Girl Scouts, Stanford Polo Team, ISKME, Monterey Bay Aquarium, beneficial state bank, and many others. For more testimonials click here.

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