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Harmony Harnessed at Gallop.

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Vitamin N deficient?  Nature is calling. Unplug, slow your pace, restore your energy. We’ll help restore balance and power through our many proven programs. We provide transformative, hands-on experiences to support people interested in making changes in themselves and the world. Drawing upon the innate sensibilities of horses, we explore communication, goal-setting, teamwork, and leadership. Come find yourself face-to-face with a 1,000-pound horse and discover what happens next.

Using horses and nature as our guides, we explore group and herd dynamics, communication patterns and styles, boundaries, body language, and influencing and inspiring others. In our sessions, people have a chance to interact with horses to learn more and build greater levels of connection, communication, and collaboration.. Lead me





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The insights from the horses can inspire greater alignment and understanding of your strenghts and purpose. They may also connect you to a sense of inner peace that may help you lead your life with clarity. We believe transformational leadership can be trained.  Are you ready to challenge yourself? Read FAQ’s